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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Sounds To Go different from other DJ companies?

For nearly 4 decades we've learned our ability to always adapt to the ever changing market and the needs of todays clientele. We are friendly, fun, and always looking to help improve every aspect of our client’s experience. We steer away from the stereo typical DJ companies who force sales, swear by cheesy props, and do line dances from the 80′s. It is our pledge to continue to always improve as a company and set higher standards for other local NJ DJ companies. Our passion and love for what we do shines through at every event and thats what makes us different.

What happens if there is equipment faliure?

Each DJ comes with a back-up system in the rare case of an emergency. Consider the advantage of having the equipment on site: If something was to happen, and you hired a service that only has backup equipment on call, you’re forced to wait for the replacement equipment, putting a damper on the flow of your evening

Do you carry an insurance policy?

Yes, we hold a 2 million dollar liability policy. Most facilities today will not let entertainment in the door unless they carry an insurance policy. Please check and see what your facility requires and that all of your vendors offer a policy as well. Our policy can be found within our 'client center' portal.

Do you provide testimonials from previous clients?

Yes! Hundreds of them! A great place to view testimonials is both wedding wire and the knot.

How helpful is the customer service?

Our customer service is first class. We work hard to provide prompt responses and answers to every question you may have. We'll make sure your questions are fully answered but go beyond that and offer additional insights you may have not thought of. Understanding the client is our first priority, and has been a major factor in our success. Without the customer we have nothing. We value each potential client, all current customers, and every guest.

Do you provide music for the LBGTQIA+

Yes! Yes! Yes! - One of our favorite weddings of all time was a LBGTQIA+ celebrity wedding!

Why should we hire you?

Our favorite question! Hopefully our website explained all the benfits of working with us. The short answer is that you'll hire us because you feel confident that you won't worry about anything because you've hired one of the longest standing proffesionals in the state.

What is required from us or the facility?

Generally we only require a 6 or 8 foot table and local electrical outlets. This may vary on the amount of services (photobooths etc). If your event is outdoors, a small tent, or overhead covering is required. Our contracts will clearly itemize items needed in more detail.

How do you coordinate with others; such as my caterer, photographer, videographer and others?

At your event there will be many different businesses working simultaneously. At Sounds To Go, we like to take on the responsibility of coordinating all of these professionals. We do so because we want your event to be a success in every sense of the word. Making sure all of your vendors know whats next and aren't late to any suprises is extremely important. We simply want you to relax, and enjoy the day you have been waiting for. Let us do the work for you!

Are you a full time DJ company?

This is the only 'job' we have so we can devote the time to making sure we provide you with the service you deserve.

Will your DJ be on the microphone all night being obnoxious?

Sadly enough this is one of the most asked questions! The answer is simple. NO. You're working with true professionals not Uncle Gary's DJ company. We are one of the most awarded, reffered and trusted entertainment companies in New Jersey. We are not a fan of DJ Uncle Gary.

We have older guests, will the music be to loud?

Us DJs always have a laugh when we learn the table of grandparents is right next to the DJ booth. Our sound systems are pro-audio. What does this mean for you? Clean, clear and perfect sounding audio. We elevate our speakers above the tables nearby so we are not blasting them directly. We also do several sound checks through out the night making sure the volume is appropriate for down times such as dinner.

Have you performed at my venue?

We're grateful to have performed at over 95% of the venues in New Jersey over the last few decades. If we have not been to your venue we'll make sure we contact the venue prior to say hello and ask if they have an specific load in requirements, audio details or anything else that would should know about prior to arrival. As far as logistics, multiple setups (both indoors and outdoors) we are fully versed in adapting to tight spaces, stages, gardens, parks, beaches or any other type of unique setup.


Where is your company located for meetings?

We were so grateful to to have huge fancy offices in both Shrewsbury and Red Bank, NJ for 20 years.... ...and then Covid hit and devestated the wedding/event industry. We've adopted to the times and learned having huge overhead was no longer nessessary. We ditched the fancy offices and now are completly mobile (we LOVE it!) We are available to meet on zoom, make a house visit or meet up at your favorite local spot. Why does this benefit you? With less overhead we can pass additional savings to you!

How many consultations do you provide?

As many as you need. Seriously, whatever it takes to make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered - that goes for you too, Ms. Bridezilla ;)

Who are your DJs?

Our staff varies in age from mid-20’s to mid-30’s. They are well spoken, educated, successful, and interesting people with diverse backgrounds, and musical experience. We demand they be polite, punctual, and always up on current trends in music and audio equipment. Our training program and selection process is stringent, and only the finest DJs become part of our exclusive team. The #1 reason Sounds To Go DJs has been so successful is because of our talent.

How do we know which DJ will be right for us?

The actual DJ is scheduled based on the information, and instructions you provide us in our one on one consultation, and with the information you have entered on your event planner. The DJ is recommended based on your specific requests, the level of interaction you choose, and familiarity with your site.

Can we meet our DJ prior to the event?

Of course, we encourage it! We can arrange a zoom call or local meetup. We will work around your busy schedule to set everything up.

Can we see an actual event?

Out of respect for our client’s privacy, and yours, should you choose to hire us, we do not schedule “live” viewings. We are happy to meet with you in person to discuss your ideas and concerns. In our meeting, we will show you videos of previous events as opposed to a random 20 minutes you may see at a live event.

Have you handled events my size before?

Most likely, yes. In nearly 4 decades we've it all. We've worked for clients with 20 guests to celebrity events with hundreds of guests.

Can you walk me through the booking process?

Of course! Our goal is to be THE easiest venor you'll work with. Step 1. Enter all your event details online and submit. Step 2. If we are available for your date we can either set up a phone call, zoom, meet up or just chat via email. Whatever works best for you! Step 3. When we meet we'll discuss all of your event visions. We want to know what you are looking for but even more importantly we what to know what you don't want. Step 4. After our meeting we want you to talk it over (we never pressure!) and decide if we are the right fit for your day. Sadly, we can no longer hold dates. Step 5. Finally, we'll email over our contract with all the details. You'll submit your payment on our website and we'll send over a receipt. Final balance will be due 7 days prior to event date. You're Done! At that point you can start using our client center to plan away and of course reach out to us with any questions at anytime! :)


How much does a proffessional DJ cost?

The answer is entirely up to you! Depending on what type of event you are looking to host, the length and amout of services needed. Not only do we offer convenient up front pricing on our website but we also offer a full list of a la cart services. We understand from experience that each client has a different idea of what a perfect event is. Our success as a company is based around offering clients exactly what they are looking for, with a price that doesn’t exceed their entertainment budget.

Will you travel? Is there a fee?

We frequently travel to the finest facilities in the tri-state area. We are also available for destination weddings and corporate events out of the country. Depending on the location and amount of services provided we'll work out a fair and honest travel fee.

What do you require to hold the date?

We require a deposit to hold your date. The amount may vary depending on current promotions or simply helping you with budgeting.

What if we would like to go overtime?

Additional time may be purchased at a rate of $200 per hour, per man, and should be paid directly to your DJ/Assistant/Attendant prior to the start of the additional time. We typically leave this option open and at your discretion so that you can make your decision based on how the evening plays out.

What is your gratuity policy?

We do not have a gratuity policy and you will not see hidden gratuity fees in our contracts. Our staff gives their 100% best at every event because they have respect for you and the success of your event. They do so because it is their responsibility as a Sounds To Go DJ to perform up to our company standards, not because they are trying to earn your tip. Our DJs are paid a fair wage—which is why we have better DJs— we believe gratuity should be a choice made by you, not a suggestion or obligation made by us.

When is my remaining balance due?

The final remaining balance must be paid in full 7 days prior to the date of event. If the balance has not been paid in full 7 days prior to the event Sounds To Go DJs reserves the right to reopen the date for booking and cancel the event performance and the client is still responsible for the remaining balance of the total amount for services. If it is less than 7 days prior to the event when the contract is signed, the total amount for services will be due with the signed contract.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or credit.

Can I make my final payment day of?

If you request to pay the remaining balance on the day of the event this request must be received in writing by Sounds To Go DJs no less than 14 days prior to the event. If such request is granted, the remaining balance must be paid by cash, bank (cashier's) check, or money order and must be paid prior to Sounds To Go DJs staff setting equipment up. If such request is granted, and the remaining balance has not been paid 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the event, Sounds To Go DJs staff will leave the venue and the client will still be responsible for paying the remaining balance.

Do you charge for additional setups?

Setups are included in the cost of service contracted.

When is deposit due?

Deposit is due within 3 days after the agreement is issued.

May I make partial payments?

Yes, partial payments are accepted with notice. For each payment we will send a receipt.

Are there any additional charges not mentioned?

Absolutely not, if you’re looking into another DJ company, make sure to read the fine print!

Do you provide a written contract?

We can provide the agreement for you to review immediately. You can also modify the contract with written consent.

What is your cancellation arrangement?

Regarding the initial deposit listed on the contract: Sounds To Go DJs is entitled to the NON-REFUNDABLE Contract Signing Payment for the event from day payment is submitted. If client cancels event, Sounds To Go DJs will offer the client to use said deposit for up to 6 months of cancellation towards a future event depending on availability. If Sounds To Go DJs is not available on the rescheduled date, the client is not entitled to a refund of said deposit.

If the event is cancelled by the client 90 days or less from the date of the event, the client is responsible for payment of 100% of the total contracted amount.

In the case of a natural disaster, pandemic, public health crisis, or other force majeure event outside of the control of either party, which prevents the client(s) from having their event, wedding, or other function on the scheduled date, Sounds To Go DJs shall be permitted to retain the Contract Signing Payment in addition to any other monies paid to Sounds To Go DJs by the client(s), and Sounds To Go DJs shall have no obligation to provide the services under this Agreement, however Sounds To Go DJs will use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to work with the clients to schedule an alternative date (depending on the availability of staffing and equipment), with no loss of deposit, Deposit will be used as credit towards future event.


Where can I find questions about each service you offer?

Each service page provides it's own specific frequently asked questions. Please visit the following service pages: Event Host / DJ Mirror Booth / Photo Booth Musicians Visual Enhancements Love Happens Photography


Do you provide cermemonial music and equipment?

Yes, we are able to provide the actual prelude, and ceremony music. If requested we can also provide wireless mic and stand for your officiant. We also offer live musicians such as strings, classical guitarist, harpist, and more. Pricing varies depending on number of musicians, and availability.

What type of music do you play for cocktail hour and dinner?

Cocktail and dinner music typically can range anywhere from standards to reggae. We encourage you to create an atmosphere that is reflective of your style and musical preferences. On our planning forms you will be able to choose decades, genres or song titles. If you don't want to be bothered with any of that we'll read the room and play music that fits.

What if I am looking for a song that is not in your music database?

You might not see it but we probably have it or can purchase it no probelm at all. Please give us enough time to locate any very rare songs.

Do you take song requests?

This is entirely up to you. If a guest does request a song that is on your do not play list we will not play it. We care about music programming and flow. The night is a living breathing energy and we want to keep building it. Sometimes Uncle Gary's favorite song that must be played right away can swing the energy of a room dramatically. If it's a request that works within the programming than we'll thank them for such a good request.

What if we are considering live musicians as well?

Whether you are looking for violins, harps, horns, percussionists, saxaphone or anything in between, just let us know what you are looking for, and we will arrange it! If you have a family or friend that wants to perform we can absoluetly acodomate as long as we know well in advance. If your having a band play for a specific duration of the reception we can also work with them to make sure all technical aspects are worked out prior.

Do you use cds, records, digital?

We use high performance computers at all of our events. We always have multiple systems up and running for backup purposes.

Do you provide additioanl ceremony and cocktail hour setups?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about us moving equipment around your guests as your ceremony, or cocktail hour comes to an end. Each room or area (both indoors and out) will have its own designated system/setup.

What is your mixing style?

We offer club style mixing, along with straightforward mixes. Whether you’re looking for shortened songs with loops, effects for the club feel, or just beat for beat that grandma can get down to we can do it all.

When are my music requests do?

You can start working on your planning forms, which has the music section on them, as soon as you are contracted with us. All forms in our client center are due one month prior, and should be finalized 2 weeks before your big day.

Do you offer must play and do not play lists?

YES! We want to know the songs you love and the songs you do not! This can be found on your event planning form in our client center.


I am out of state can you help plan my event?

One of our strengths is helping our clients plan from afar. Over the years we've worked with clients from just about every state in the country. We would like to say we are one of the best at doing so by offering some of the best online tools and customer service in the business. If you haven't already clicked on our 'client center' portal please have a look and learn how we can help!

What time do you arrive for set up?

Depending on the size and location of your event, we normally arrive to set up 1 to 2+ hours before start time. Our job begins the second we arrive at the facility, and includes equipment set up, sound check, organizing the music programing, consulting with the venue, vendors, and of course preparing to entertain you and your guests.

When are all my planning forms due?

You can start working on your planning forms as soon as you are contracted with us. The forms are due one month prior to your event. 30 days prior to the day you will also have a meeting with your DJ. This is called the final review. At your final review we'll go over all the information making sure all questions are answered and all details are reviewed.

What if my DJ has an emergency?

We are proud to say, that in nearly 4 decades we have never missed an event. There is always a contingency plan just in case!

When will I hear from my DJ?

You will have open communication from the start. Unlike most companies we do not put a barrier on communication time. 30 days prior to your event, your DJ will reach out to you again to review all of your information at your final review. Here we will go over your music selections, answer all of your questions, and make sure you are stress free and ready to have some fun.

What will you wear to my event?

On your event planning form you can tell us exactly how you want us to dress. Tuxedo, Suit, Casual—you name it.

Do you provide wireless microphones for our speeches?

Yes, our microphones are not only wireless, but we are also able to select what channel we want to be on. What does this mean for you? No interference.

We are having our ceremony on the beach with no power. Can you help us?

Yes, we offer bettery powered, pro-audio speakers if you are having a ceremony at a location with no electricity. Is there an additional cost? Ceremonies at a sperate venue location or do not offer power there is a $150 charge.