Your friends and family have been to a million weddings. What will make yours stand out? Here are some options to make it memorable. Our Uplighting adds warmth and dimension to ballrooms that need more interest. Dance lighting stands behind the DJ booth and moves to the beat adding energy to the dance floor. Indoor sparklers are incredible for introductions, first dances and when the dance floor is about to erupt with excitement. Your monogram light adds that personal touch, as well as a photo montage showcasing beautiful family photos throughout the night. Make it memorable! 

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  • Add that personal touch to your event

  • Impress guests with big first impressions

  • Your photos will look stunning

  • Low cost add ons with big impact

  • Other ideas? Let us know! 


How many uplights do I need?

This is one of our more common questions. It all depends on the size of the venue, how much accenting you are looking for and your budget. Having previously worked at a majority of the facilites in NJ we have the knowledge to help you design a perfect up-lighting balance.

What color uplights do you have?

Our uplights are LED lights. What does this mean? We can color mix and get close to your events overall color scheme.

Do you have wireless uplights?

Yes, we have wireless uplights.

Are the uplights hot to the touch?

Our uplights are safe to the tough. LED lights are cool and safe around guests and wondering kids.

Where will my name monogram be placed?

Depending on the room it could be projected on either the wall or the dance floor.

How do I pick out my name monogram?

In our client center located on the top of our website you will see all of our forms including the monogram design.

How many pictures do I need for my photomontage?

If you are doing a presentation styled montage at a specific time during the reception the sweet spot is about 50-100. If you would like your images to be displayed through the course of the event you can send considerably more.

What are dance lights?

Dance lighting is a smiple t-bar pole that stands behind the DJ booth completely out of the way. The lights dance to the beat of the music during dance sets adding movement, fun and dance friendly atmosphere. Our simple dance lighting is a more affordable option over our "moving head" club lighting that is mounted on top of several 7 foot steel trusses.

Do visual enhancements book out quick?

Yes, all visual enhancements are on a first come first servce basis.

When is my monogram lighting design due?

Your design is due 1 month prior to your event. Once it is received, the design is sent to our production team where a proof is created for you to review. In most cases proofs are usually ready within 7 days.

When is the best time to play my photomontage?

You have spent the money on the tv screens to display the imafes so use them the entire night. Having your photos on a loop for the duration keeps the flow of your event and guests can enjoy watching as they please.

When should I submit my photos for the montage?

We kindly ask all images be sent digitally at least 30 days prior to the event date. Dropbox is a great way to send the individual, digital images.

How many indoor sparklers do I need?

At the moment we currently offer 4 name brand units. Most facilities will only allow professional sparkler effects with class-D fire estinguishers. We offer both the proper sparkelrs and class-d extinguisher as venue regulations request. Be aware of knock off sparkler systems that can tip over and cause fires.

Where will the sparklers be set up?

In most cases we will have them set up in front of the DJ booth spread an equal distance apart for optimal viewing and of course, for the perect "it" shot!