Our style as a group is a simple one. It's in fact, YOUR style. Each of us consider ourselves to be dynamic entertainers always adapting to different styles and client needs. If you're looking for music for all ages, wanting to make sure the dance floor is filled with both young and old then that's exactly what we'll do. If you are looking for high (or conservative) energy and a specific style of music, consider it done. Having performed at 95% of wedding venues in NJ you can have comfort in knowing you are, without doubt, in exceptional hands. Let's get this party started!


      WHAT WE DO

  • Appeal to all of your age ranges 

  • Play dance sets that build momentum 

  • Provide must play and do not play lists

  • Read the crowd and adjust accordingly

  • Play seamless, clean edit mixes 

  • Provide pro-audio & perform sound checks


  • Talk excessively on the microphone

  • Dance with and hit on your guests 

  • Dress like we're in a vegas night club

  • Steal your spotlight 

  • Play cheesy, dated songs that don't work 

  • Think we are rockstars.... it's about YOU!



Mike Hernandez

Born and raised in the wedding industry Mike offers some of the most experience you'll find anywhere in the country. An industry leader and wedding expert. 


Event Host / DJ 

Ryan McCrorey

If your event happens to go overtime with Ryan, we wouldn’t be surprised. His clients never want to stop the party. A true veteran, Ryan knows how to pack dance floors.

Event Host / DJ

Gregg Arce 

Gregg’s passion for music and customer care sums him up as a true pro. Coming from a music driven family your event will be nothing short of amazing. 


Event Host / DJ

Ricky Avelenda

Ricky has quickly become one of our more requested talents. Charismatic on the mic and a love for all music. Dedicated to making sure you won't want the night to end. 

 Event Host / DJ

Jason Harrison

An extremely talented DJ, Producer, and Live Remixer. Jason knows how to make sure your event stands out from the rest. Prides himself on attention to your every detail.

Wedding & Club DJ

Craig Williams

A master of Hip-Hop, Ethnic and Top 40. When it’s time to pack the dance floor Craig is incredible. Ripping through the hottest tracks he is a huge asset to your dance floor.

      NEXT STEPS...

  • Schedule your free one on one consultation

  • We'll reach out to set up a time to meet 

  • If we're a fit we'll send you an agreement

  • Submit your deposit on our website

  • That's it! Now lets get this party started! 


What if I'm looking for a song that is not in your database?

You might not see it but we probably have it or can purchase it no problem. Please give us enough time to locate any rare songs. We ask your planning form (which will include your play and do not play list) be finally submitted 30 days from your event date.

What type of music do you play for cocktail hour and dinner?

Cocktail and dinner music can range anywhere from standards to reggae. We love to encourage you to create an atmosphere that is reflective of your style and musical preferences. On our planning forms you will be able to choose decades, genres or song titles. If you don't want to be bothered with any of that we'll do what we do and read the room and play music that fits.

What is your mixing style?

We offer both straight forward, beat matching mixing along with "club" style mixing. So whether your're looking for simple mixes grandma can get down to or mixes with loops and effects we can do it all. Just let us know!

Will your DJ be obnoxious on the microphone?

Sadly enough this is one of the most asked questions! The answer is simple. NO! You're working with true professtionals with years of experience not Uncle Gary's DJ company. We are grateful to be one of the most awarded, referred and trusted DJ companies in New Jersey. Like you, we are not fans of DJ Uncle Gary.

Do you use cds, records, digital?

We use high performance computers at all of our events and we always have backup.

Do you provide ceremonial music and equipment?

Yes, we are able to provide the actual prelude and ceremony music. If requested we can also provide wireless mic and mic stand for your officiant. We also offer live musicians such as strings, classical guitartist, harpist and more. Pricing varies depending on the number of musicians and availability.

Do you take song requests?

This is entirely up to you. If a guest does request a song that is on your do not play list we will not play it. We care about music programing and keeping a flow to the night. Your event is a living, breathing energy and we want to keep building upon that. Sometimes Uncle Gary's favorite song that he must have played this very moment can swing the energy of a dance floor dramatically.

What if we are considering live musicians as well?

Wether you are looking for violins, harps, horns, percussionists or anything in between just let us know what you are looking for. If you have a family member or friend that wants to perform we can absoluetly accomodate as long as we know well in advance. If your having a band play for a specific duration of the evening we will work with them in advance making sure all technical details are worked out prior.

What is required from us or the facility?

Generally we only require a 6 foot table and outlets. This may vary on the amount of services (photobooths etc). If your event is outdoors a tent ot overhead covering is required. We also would need flooring if the ground is soft from rain or if we are on the beach. Our contracts clearly itemize items needed in more detail.

We are having older guests, will the music be to loud?

Us DJs always have a laugh when we find out the table of seniors is right next to the DJ booth. Our sound systems are pro-audio. What does this mean to you? Clean, clear, no distortion sound which feels pleasant to the ears. We also elevate our speakers above the tables so we are not blasting any guests directly. We also do several sound checks thoughout the night making sure the volume is appropriate for down times such as dinner as well.

When are my music requests do?

You can start working on your planning forms, which has the music section on them, as soon as you are contracted with us. All forms in our client center are due one month prior to the day and should be finalized 2 weeks prior.

What happens if there is equipment faliure?

Each DJ comes with a back-up equipment in the rare case of an emergency. Consider the advantage of having the equipment on site: If something was to happen, and you hired a service that only has backup equipment on call, you're forced to wait for the replacement equipment, putting a damper on the flow of your evening.

Who are your DJs?

Our staff varies in age from mid-20’s to mid-30’s. They are well spoken, educated, successful, and interesting people with diverse backgrounds, and musical experience. We demand they be polite, punctual, and always up on current trends in music and audio equipment. Our training program and selection process is stringent, and only the finest DJs become part of our exclusive team. The #1 reason Sounds To Go DJs has been so successful is because of our talent and training process.

How do you know which DJ will be right for us?

The actual DJ is scheduled based on the information, and instructions you provide us in our one on one consultation, and with the information you have entered on your Online Event Planner. Your planning form is due 30 days prior to your date, at which time a final review is scheduled with you DJ to review all details. This will include setup logistics, name pronounciations, music selections and of course answer any questions you may have.

Can we meet our DJ prior to our event?

Of course. We arrange local meet ups, zoom or a phone call around your busy schedule.

Can we come to an actual event?

Out of respect for our client’s privacy, and yours, should you choose to hire us, we do not schedule “live” viewings. We are happy to meet with you in person to discuss your ideas and concerns. In our meeting, we will show you videos of previous events, giving you a much better idea as opposed to the random 20 minutes you may see at a “live” viewing.

What if my DJ has an emergency and can't make it?

We are proud to say, that in nearly 4 decades, we have never missed an event. There is always an assistant, as well as a back-up DJ available who would be familiar with your set of instructions before arriving.

When will I hear from my DJ?

You will have open communication from the start. Unlike most companies we do not put a barrier on communication time frame. 30 days prior to your event, your DJ will reach out to you again to review all of your information that you have filled out at your final review. Here we will go over your music selections, answer all of your questions, and make sure you are stress free and ready to have some fun.

Will you introduce our bridal party and make special annoucements?

Of course! It's what we do! In our client center you will find our planning forms. On these important forms you will enter all the important details we need to take care of.

Do you DJ full-time?

Every weekend for the last few decades!

Have you handled my size / type of event?

Most likely, yes. We’ve played for 10 people and we’ve played for thousands of people. We've been part of some increcible events over the years both private, public and celebrity events.

What will you wear to my event?

On your event planning form you can tell us exactly how you want us to dress. Tuxedo, Suit, Casual—you name it.

Do you provide a wireless microphone for speeches?

Yes, our microphones are not only wireless, but we are also able to select what channel we want to be on. What does this mean for you? No interference from another event on location.

What is the shortest amount of time you will DJ?

Ceremonies are the shortest time we will DJ (30 minutes) however we usually reserve staff to perform for clients hosting 4+ hour events.

Do I need both an Event Host/DJ and assistant?

99% of the weddings we perform at a wedding we have a 2 man team. With various equipment / set ups and formal introductions it can be overwhelming for just one staff member. In our experience there have been several times the second person ended up saving the day. We 100% recommended a two man team for so many reasons!