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Don't get us wrong, we know the key to a great party is a great DJ, but if you're looking to take the night to the next level then you gotta go LIVE! First impressions alone will let your guests know, "This is gonna be a really good night." Musicians are the key ingredient that will separate your wedding from the next. When we say there is nothing quite like the energy musicians naturally bring to the table,  we absolutely mean it.

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  • Add emotion to your ceremony with strings

  • Create atmosphere with steel drums for cocktail

  • Get the live band feel w/ saxophone + percussion

  • The perfect hybrid if considering a band

  • Various arrangements available 

  • Make. It. Memorable.... GO LIVE! 


How much do musicians cost?

You can find our pricing on our "upfront pricing" page. If you are looking for a specific arrangement that is not listed please make sure to reach out so we can provide you with a quote.

Do the musicians take breaks?

If you are having musicians for your ceremony or cocktail hour the musicians do not take breaks. If you are having a musician play for the duration of the reception they will take a couple small breaks during down times.

Will the musicians be ready to play when my guests first arrive?

Yes, we want to make sure we are set up and ready to go the second we see your first guest enter the ceremony.

Can I play the musicians instrument?

This depends on the musician and the instrument played. It's always fun and a great laugh to capture our clients jamming on percussion during the reception.

Do the musicians take requests?

Yes, as long as there is enough time to learn the piece if it's not already in their repertoire.

Can I speak to my musicians prior to the event?

Yes, of course! We have several meetings to make sure all the details are covered.

What types of musicians do you provide?

Based on availibility we can provide most musicians and arrangements. Everything from steel drums, strings, piano, flute, bag pipes, classical guitar and more.