WOW! That's what everyone says when they see this beautiful, full length, framed mirror. Then they realize it's actually an interactive photo booth! Minds Blown! Well, it gets even better, when you're done taking pictures you sign the mirror with your finger and within seconds it prints out 3 pictures on your custom designed 4x6 keepsake. Our traditional photo booth is also always a hit with all age ranges! Offering 4 hours of unlimited photos, a print for your guests and a print for your album which we'll provide. Your booth attendant will guide your guests to write a message next to their pic in the album. 

  • Loved by all especially those non dancers! 

  • Great ice breaker. Appeals to all ages! 

  • Unlimited photo sessions! 

  • 95% of our clients book the Mirror Booth

  • 98% of guests take photos with the Mirror

  • 100% usage during the length of event

  • #1 top seller - Event must have!


Will the Mirror take away from my guests dancing?

It's actually the opposite! From our experience we've seen more dancing because the Mirror lossens people up, gets them out of their seats and offers them such a fun thing to do durining down portions of the evening.

Where should the Mirror / Photo Booth be set up at our event?

We highly recommend having either booth in your main reception room. When the mirror is another disconnected room it will in fact pull people away from the main room. Most companies will not tell you this because they just want the sale and could care less about the flow or the end result of your night. We've seen this happen many times but would rather be transparent letting you know that it will take away from packing the dancefloor.

Do you offer props?

One of the reasons we offer the best booth prices in the state because we do not build in such high upcharges for props. Instead of building in an additional $150-$200 to our prices we encourage you to go to your nearest party store to pick out items that you would know would be a hit with your guests. The craizer the better! Bring the props to your venue and we'll take care of the rest.

Do you offer unlimited sessions?

Yes! Your guests have 4 hours of unlimited Mirror Booth and Photo Booth sessions.

Do you take breaks?

Our attendants may take a quick bathroom break and eat quickly if meals are provided.

What will my booth attendant be doing?

So many things! Greeting your guests, guiding them through any prompts, making sure everyone has there props, handing out printouts, troubleshooting and making sure everyone has the best time.

How much does the Mirror Booth and Photo Booth cost?

Great question. While a majority of companies do not offer their pricing on their websites we take the opposite approach. You can find all of our pricing for all of our services on our 'upfront pricing link' We are one of the longest standing companies in mobile entertainment and our reputation for nearly 4 decades speaks for itself. We have nothing to hide and won't make you "contact us for more pricing info" (eye roll emojii here). We are confident our value well exceeds our pricing.

How much room do I need for the Mirror Booth / Photo Booth?

Great question! Although it's not as simple as hanging a mirror on the wall we do require just a little bit of space. Here is a breakdown of what is needed. MIRROR BOOTH The mirror itself is approximately 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 5 1/2 feet tall Your guests will need about 3 to 4 feet of space in front of the mirror to take group shots We do request a 6 foot table next to the mirror for the prints and props PHOTO BOOTH The photo booth is a pipe and drape system which is aprox. 5 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 7 feet tall We do request a 6 foot table next to the mirror for the prints and props

Can I use the Mirror Booth outside?

Although we'd love to have the Mirror outside at every event it depends on the sun as the glare can washe out the screen.

Do you offer backdrops? Can we make our own?

We do not offer backdrops because we find that the guests end up filling up the images and the background is unseen. Additionally, when you have a large backdrop it blocks the view of the mirror itself. Lastly, most of the time the room layout or size of the room does not accomadate. However, if you would like to create or bring a backdrop of your own please let us know ahead of time and we can absoluletly help.

Does your Mirror Booth book out?

Yes! We are one of the few in the state who offer the service. The Mirror is on a first come first serve basis.

How do I customize my Mirror Booth print out?

We make it easy! You are able to customize your print out in our 'client center' located on the top of our website. Once you submit your design we'll have our graphics department design your request and we'll send you a proof for review. We ask your print out be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event date.

Do you offer keepsake albums and digital prints?

Yes after the event we will send you all the digital files from the night. We do offer keepsake albums that your guests can write a little love message next to their image. Just ask us.

How many images are on a print?

There are 3 images on one mirror booth print out. Please see the Mirror Booth deisgns on our 'Client Center' page. There are 4 images on the photo booth print out. Both services offer unlimited sessions.

How long does it take for the pictures to print out?

14 seconds for both the mirror and photo booth

What size are the print outs?

The Mirror booth print out is 4x6 The photo booth print out is 2x6

I found a company offering a better price, can you beat it?

As long as they are a local competitor we will glady beat it. Just forward us the documented quote the company has provided you with.

Can I purchase my own giveaways? Can you distribute them?

Of course, going to your local party store and purchasing them yourself is great. Simply bring them to your venue and we'll distribute them throughout the night.

How many pictures can we take?

You can take unlimted pictures (sesssions) during the 4 hour duration.

What comes with the Mirror Booth / Photo Booth?

We provide an attendant to greet and guide your guests. On the spot we'll print out 4x6" copies of your customized Mirror Booth design. To design your Mirror Booth print out please visit our client center. The photo booth prints out 2x6"prints. After the event we'll send you all the digital files for you to keep. Props we leave up to you because there is nothing like a sweaty mustache from the night before. We find our clients know what props will work better than anyone. Check out your local party store, the dollar store, etsy and or amazon for some really fun stuff. The crazier the better!

How many print outs do we receive per session?

On average we provide 2 or 3 print outs. Need more? Just ask! :)