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Our approach towards photography is to keep it simple, creative and affordable.  When you have us we we'll strategically guide you with years of experience before and during the biggest day of your life. We'll make suggestions, keep you relaxed and hustle to get the "it" shots all while staying behind the scenes capturing your love naturally. This is your day, we are here simply to document it with beautiful photography.


Is Love Happens and Sounds To Go under the same ownership?

Yes, 2 different companies and services with 1 owner saving you time, money and stress.

Does Love Happens have a website?

Yes, for a lot more information please visit www.LoveHappensNJ.com

Will I save time and money by booking both Sounds To Go and Love Happens?

Yes! We make the booking process super simple and when booking both companies you save 10%!

Can I pick my photographer?

Yes! You'll be able to speak with your photographer prior to booking.

How many photos will my photographer capture?

On average anywhere between 800-1600 depending on how many hours, shooters and locations you may have.

Do I need 2 shooters or one?

With so much going on at a wedding we highly recommend two photographers.

When will I receive my images?

We aim to have your images edited one month after your day. At that point we will send you a link to download.