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                         Birthday's, Religious Events, Anniversaries...
                                              you name it! 

Your decorations may be beautiful, the food— amazing, and the atmosphere—incredible, but if your music and entertainment isn’t up to par, not only will you be embarrassed by an empty dance floor, but you would have spent all this time and money for an event that’s not so hot. As a full time DJ Entertainment and Production Company, we can tell you that—fact is— a DJ will either make or break your event. Period. So, finding the right company is crucial.


Music matters most. When you book with us you have access to our online planner to enter all your event details—including music selections. We also offer an online music database with endless songs so you can customize your DJs playlist by setting up a Must Play list, a Play if Possible list, and a Do Not Play list (our personal favorite). This ensures you are only hearing the music you and your guests want to hear.


Whether you’re having a small, intimate event, or planning an all-out event of the year, you will see that we are a friendly, contemporary company looking to help you in every sense of the word. From lighting design ideas, to music selections, and right on down to budgeting, we know what it takes to customize your event, and leave your guests raving about the party of the year.