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                        Large scale production or just background
                                 music, we got you covered. 

Your decorations may be beautiful, the food— amazing, and the atmosphere—incredible, but if your music, production value and entertainment isn’t up to par, not only will you be embarrassed by an empty dance floor, but you would have spent all this time and money for a corporate event that’s not so hot. As a full time DJ Entertainment and Production Company, we can tell you that—fact is— a DJ/production company will either make or break your event. Period. So, finding the right company is crucial.


Whether you’re having a small, intimate event, or a massive corporate function you will see that we are a friendly, contemporary company looking to help you in every sense of the word. From lighting design ideas, to music selections, and right on down to budgeting, we know what it takes to make you look really good.


Having worked with some of the biggest companies and charities in the world—The American Cancer Society, Lukoil, King World Productions, and MTV executives, to name a few— our personalized service ensures your exact visions are brought to reality. We want your day to be custom tailored to fit your company’s brand, and we are dedicated to helping you host— hands down—the event of the year.


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